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Kameramann / Steadicam Operator / MoVI Operator – Frank Schwaiger – Berlin / Hamburg – +49 163 804 24 52 – – © 2014 Frank Schwaiger

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VW – Tiguan Offroad

Germany 2018

Director: Bastian Görgens
DoP: Frank Schwaiger
Agency: Grabarz & Partner

Hilfetelefon – Aber jetzt rede ich

Regie: Gabriel B. Arranhio
DoP: Jannik Nolte
Steadicam OP: Frank Schwaiger

Produktion: Jo!Schmid
Producer: Johann Valentinitsch
Agentur: Scholz&Friends

VW – Grand California

Germany 2018

Director: Bastian Görgens
DoP: Frank Schwaiger

Agency: Grabarz & Partner

DLRG – Rettet die Bäder

Germany, 2018

Director: Oliver Frohnauer
DoP: Frank Schwaiger
Produktion: TVN

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MoVI / Gimbal Reel 2017

MoVI OP Frank Schwaiger


Here is some work of the last years.

Available Gimbals:

MoVI Pro, MoVI M15, MoVI M5, MoVI XL

Steadicam Reel 2017

Steadicam OP Frank Schwaiger (bvk)

Berlin – Hamburg – worldwide

Some of my Steadicam work of the recent years! Have fun.

I am a Hamburg and Berlin based DoP and Steadicam Operator.

Camera movement is not only a craft but an art. It needs a lot of experience to make the right decisions at the right time synched to the scene and according to the emotions of the characters.

Every single job I am working my butt off to get there. 20+ years of experience help me with it.

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Shany Cosmetics

Germany 2014, color


shot on Sony F5 with Cooke Zoom

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Netflix Basement

Director: Jesper Ohlsson/Jesper Ericstam
Production Company: Cobblestone
Producer: Pieter Lony
DoP: Henrik Stenberg
MoVI Operator: Frank Schwaiger (bvk)
Music: Black Keys – Howlin’ for you
Agency: Jung Von Matt

equipment: Alexa M + MoVI M15

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Weight Watchers – Familie

Weight Watchers commercial 2014
Markenfilm Berlin
agency: Heimat
director: Bo Krabbe
dop: Torben Forsberg
movi operator: Frank Schwaiger

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VZNV – Meine Zeitung

Werbung, 1 min, Farbe, 2015
Regisseur: Reinhard Crasemann
DoP: Frank Schwaiger (bvk)
Agentur: serviceplan

Frank Schwaiger

Kameramann / Steadicam Operator / MoVI Operator
Berlin / Hamburg
+49 163 804 24 52