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Kameramann / Steadicam Operator / MoVI Operator – Frank Schwaiger – Berlin / Hamburg – +49 163 804 24 52 – – © 2014 Frank Schwaiger

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Urban Genesis – official trailer

Urban Genesis

documentary feature, 96 minutes

Ethiopian farmers and a team of international architects have joined forces to tackle the problem of rural exodus. Deep in the African hinterlands, the unequal participants are building a small model town that could point the way out of the globally worsening migration crisis.

Director: Dodo Hunziker

Script: Dodo Hunziker, Yared Zeleke

Cinematographer: Frank Schwaiger, Pierre Reischer

Additional cinematography: Efrem Mekonnen

Editors: Anja Bombelli, Gisela Castronari-Jaensch

Composer: Ivo Ubezio

Sound Design: Peter von Siebenthal

Color Grading: Pierre Reischer

Production: Corinna Dästner, Urs Schnell

World Sales: Rushlake Media GmbH

Distribution Switzerland: Royal Film