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Kameramann / Steadicam Operator / MoVI Operator – Frank Schwaiger – Berlin / Hamburg – +49 163 804 24 52 – – © 2014 Frank Schwaiger

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Noga Erez – Cipi (official video)

Noga Erez‘ music-video for Cipi

shot in 2021


cast & crew

Cast: Noga Erez & Ori Rousso

Director: Omri Rozi

Production: Shev.event

DOP: Misha Kaminsky

Choreography: Shay Solzi

AD: Oneg Efron

Editors: Omri Rozi, Ori Rousso

Color: Eyal Bau Cohen

Gimbal Operator: Frank Schwaiger (bvk)

1st AC: Gheison Yanez

2nd AC: Enrique Arribas

3rd AC: Luisa Von Wachsmann

Gaffer: Enzo Diego Borlando Hipp

Best Boys: Felipe Morales Lifschitz, Ali Farrokhian

VFX: Eden Omer Levi, Itay Assouline

Line Producer: Maria Thamm

Electricity: Rainer Weiss

Noga Erez & Ori Rousso Stylist: Tomer Almoznino

Noga Erez Suit by: Off_White for Factory 54

Noga Erez Shirt by: Mamo

Ori Rousso Suit by: Hugo Boss for Factory 54

Styling, hair & make up: Tamara Sauer

Stylist: Ana Zhizaiza

Coordinator: Linda Reichenbach

Dancers: Phoenix Chase-Meares, Cedric Ndedi, Annika Thamm, Maria Gorbunova, Maxime Shakir, Prempeh Opoku, Celestina Frese, Laura Böwing, Malika Schuh, Sophie Gusenko, Judith Altenkamp, Melanie Toksoy, Lynn Heipmann, Milena Stork, Axelle Zege, Seanal Newday Yu, Michelle Klipstein, Inola Urbicht, Julia Scholze, Paula Lehmann, Kira Bode, Elisabeth Bernhard, Lilly Nottmeier, Paula Seiler, Daniela Wilanowski, Jana Braun, Jamila Saâdani, Louis Gersten, Geraldine Hutt, Margarita Popova, Luca Wefes, Jimmy Dung Ta Quang, Jagjit Kaur, Lilly Draheim, Carlotta Berg.

Special Thanks: Indy Hait, Ilya Marcus



I’ve been deep, deep, deep deeply depressed ‘Get help’, they might suggest Trash talk, I take offence Might as well just band my chest Won’t sit my ass on sofas Stop spitting nonsense, get me something else Something classy, SOS I’m a mess Classified a nutcase Big fish, it’s a jug I am swimming in Big picture, a bug I’m a bug and I crawled my way here Cipi, I’m a pessimist But you think you can mess with me You think you are the boss of me But most the time you’re my b#*ch My b#*ch has white eyes (You should smile more, Gogi) Chill, come down for us Off the rail, wipe the dust bestie, bring the best of me infinite, invincibly My lover, steady guide dog Stop walking sideways Get me on the track Back on deck, I’m on the edge Fu%@ing trap Get straight on the jacket Big fish, it’s a net they caught me in Peaceful protest, cause we both know the ending Cipi, I’m a pessimist But you think you can mess with me You think you are the boss of me But most the time you’re my b#*ch My b#*ch has white eyes

Noga Erez’ music-video for Cipi

Steadicam Reel 2017

Steadicam OP Frank Schwaiger (bvk)

Berlin – Hamburg – worldwide

Some of my Steadicam work of the recent years! Have fun.

I am a Hamburg and Berlin based DoP and Steadicam Operator.

Camera movement is not only a craft but an art. It needs a lot of experience to make the right decisions at the right time synched to the scene and according to the emotions of the characters.

Every single job I am working my butt off to get there. 20+ years of experience help me with it.

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Nod One’s Head – I’m Mad

director: Jade Mortimer
producer: Martin Koddenberg
dop: Frank Schwaiger (bvk)